Introducing Persuasive Writing

NAPLAN returned this year, what a joy! The two main text types covered are narrative writing and persuasive writing and this year, we were blessed with a narrative prompt. We have been working on persuasive texts and this post will share some useful resources I have found to support this unit.

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Getting To Know Your Class

It is so important to connect with your class, allowing you to get to know your students and for them to get to know you. Like me, you may have new students who missed out on an orientation day due to the challenges of 2021 so their first day at school is so important!

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Area and Perimeter Challenge

Gosh measurement is a hard unit to teach through online learning! I’ve had to be pretty creative with my Maths group to keep the unit engaging and it’s been hit and miss. In the classroom, we would be able to do more hands on activities with equipment and that means everything from a ruler to metre sticks and trundle wheels. The reality is that my students simply don’t have that equipment at home.

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Connectedness During Distance Learning


“When you can’t find someone to follow, you have to find a way to lead by example.” Roxane Gay, Bad Feminist

As teachers and students, we are so used to being around other people. Spending the days by myself is going to be tough, and I think it’s going to be tough for my students too!

Throughout Distance Learning, there are a few things that I will continue to do from our Term 1 practice. I believe that wellbeing goes hand in hand with learning so it is important to continue to build friendships and connections and to ensure there is time for mindfulness.

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