Getting To Know Your Class

It is so important to connect with your class, allowing you to get to know your students and for them to get to know you. Like me, you may have new students who missed out on an orientation day due to the challenges of 2021 so their first day at school is so important!

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6 Steps To Blackout Poetry

blackout poetry, literacy, poetry, Year 5, poetic devices, free resources

A blackout poem is a piece of poetry where the text and text form a sort of visual poem. I was drawn in to blackout poetry by one image and decided to explore the concept and learn more about it. I was intrigued by how it was displayed and the creativity involved.

I have some fantastic writers in my class and I wanted to explore poetry with them, but do it in a way they had never experienced. My class were unfamiliar with blackout poetry and so I took the opportunity to experience something that was both new to me and my students.

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